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VoltAmpere Since 1971

Established in 1971 as an armature winding and electrical repair workshop. The VoltAmpere Group today offers long term stability and a complete range of electrical, electronic & mechanical products and services. The company does design and development, custom engineering, manufacturing, rebuilding [as new], rewinding, upgrading, maintenance and repairs. VoltAmpere would like to be your partner for the full Power Management spectrum—from Mains Supply to final Consumer Load.

Genarators, Standby Machines, Special Projects, Industrial, Commercial, Domestic


Supersonic Silent Diesel Generator, 6.5kw 4-Stroke, Recoil & Electric Start, Model OP-7500S, Sales, Service, Maintenance

Portable Generators:

Electrical, VoltAmpere


Electro-Mechanical Engineering, VoltAmpere

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Electronics, Engineering, Manufacturing, VoltAmpere


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Electrical & Property Services:

Inverters, Battery Chargers, UPSes: