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VoltAmpere, Generators, Commercial, Industrial, Mobile, Petrol, Diesel

Established in 1971 as an armature winding and electrical repair workshop. The VoltAmpere Group today offers long term stability and a complete range of electrical, electronic & mechanical products and services. The company does design and development, custom engineering, manufacturing, rebuilding [as new], rewinding, upgrading, maintenance and repairs. VoltAmpere would like to be your partner for the full Power Management spectrum—from Mains Supply to final Consumer Load.

• Generators:

» Residential: Petrol or Diesel.

» Commercial / Industrial / Mobile: Man-Portable or Trailer Mount.

» Special Projects: Military Applications, Custom Applications.

» Accessories: Light Masts, Distribution Boxes, Automatic Transfer Switches, Batteries, Bulk Tanks, Control Panels.

• Electrical:

» Motors & Alternators, Transformers, Control Panels, Switchboards, Welders.

• Electro Mechanical:

» Engines, Pumps, Compressors, Generator Sets, Welders, Light Sets, Air Conditioning, Geared Drives.

• Electronics:

» UPS's, AVR's, VSD's, Battery Chargers, Security Systems.

• Power Management:

» Residential / Commercial / Industrial.

• Services:

» COC's.

» On-site Repairs & Servicing.

» Service Level Agreements.

» Power Sizing / Requirement Assessments.

» Replacement Parts.

» Motor Re-winding.

» Facilities Management.

» Technical Security Solutions.

» Fire Detection Installations.

» Access Control.

» Electrical & Building Maintenance.

• Inverters, Battery Chargers, UPS's:

» Inverters: 25kVa.

» Battery Chargers: 12V / 24V.

• Pumps:

» Borehole Pumps, Pool Pumps, Mining Pumps.